Basics of screws that you may not know about
I don’t know how to manage torque.
Why do screws get loose?

I don’t even know where to start.

The screws will definitely come loose.  If you continue to rely on vague knowledge when designing, you may end up with serious accidents or complaints.

Why don’t you eliminate your worries at once at Saima’s TAK School?

I will mainly talk about what I have actually experienced.
“TAK SAIMA” is a super professional who has been traveling all over the world solving screw problems for over 30 years.
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Seminar program introduction

Two very popular screw seminars

Torque Curve Analysis Seminar

  • Wondering how to calculate tightening torque for tapping screws…
  • What is “torque” anyway?
  • I really wonder if this torque is enough…

Explanations will be provided through experiments using a torque analyzer.

Screw Loosening Seminar

  • A screw came loose and caused a major complaint…
  • I’m managing the torque, but it’s coming loose…

The screws will definitely come loose.  Know the causes and take measures to prevent loosening in advance.

This section describes the types of screw loosening and effective countermeasures for each.

Other [Product Programs] are also available. Please feel free to contact us.

1Fastening Components ElementaryThis is a lecture on the elementary of fastening parts. Welcome those who would like to learn from the basics again.
2Fastening parts manufacturing methodWire drawing, heading, rolling, cutting, screw manufacturing methods, etc.
3Material 1 [Steel]About the types of steel materials. This content also includes information on foreign manufacturers.
4Material 2 [Stainless steel]Mechanism of corrosion resistance of stainless steel.
5Strength classExplanation of strength classifications of bolts, nuts, etc.
Understanding the strength classifications allows you to reduce the number of bolts and their size.
6Surface FinishingExplanation of surface Finishing types. Hexavalent chromium problem is also covered.
7TorqueThis section explains how tightening torque can be determined.
8Heat treatmentExplanation of types of heat treatment. What is heat treatment?
9looseness of a screwExplanation of the mechanism of loosening.
Explanation of the various types of loosening and how to deal with them.
10Screw defects, complaintsDelayed fracture, hydrogen embrittlement, cracks, foreign material contamination, and other problems
that are likely to occur with defective products and overseas procurement.
11QC Process ChartQC process chart explanation and QC process chart creation method for sales representatives.

Duration of Screw Seminar

90minutes / 1programLocation

In a meeting room, cafeteria, or other space provided by your company, or online (zoom)


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How to apply

1. please send an e-mail to the reception desk with the subject line “Seminar request” and the necessary items below.


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-Program name
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3. Conducting seminars (on the day)

-We will hold a 90-minute course based on the text.
-There will be time for questions at the end of the lecture, so please feel free to ask any questions.

What’s important is

Let’s acquire the correct knowledge now!
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“Screw basics seminar” for Chinese staff too!

No time to hold a study session!

Few people understand the basics of screws!

same education to Chinese staff as we do in Japan!

Saima Corporation and Changzhou KOAS will help you!
Please use it as part of your ISO9001 education!

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